Libertarians often say things like “Thousands of people are dying in wars and genocide and no one bats an eye. A celebrity dies and everyone loses their minds.” There’s a few problems with this.

1. It assumes people aren’t capable of caring about multiple issues. That’s just not true. I know I, and many other people, try to draw attention to the human atrocities and tragedies committed everyday. When you see someone talking about one tragedy over another it doesn’t negate the horrific feelings toward a separate problem. It simply means that’s the particular issue being addressed at that moment.

2. Celebrities create a special kind of value for people that transcends distant tragedies of war and government created conflicts. Value is subjective and we should be glad that there are things and people in this world that bring others joy. We should be cognizant of the fact that when those things or people are gone, there’s going to be heartache and people expressing those feelings. You don’t have to agree with it and you’re certainly free to express your own opinion on the matter just as they’re free to express theirs.

3. I do agree that there are people who only focus on celebrities, pop culture, and things that seem menial. I try not to fault people for that too terribly much because you know what? Constantly keeping up on all of the horrific things governments do, religious conflicts, and wars is not only tiring, it’s down right depressing. If there is such a lack of faith in the ability of people to pay attention to local issues, world events, and harmful government intervention that’s just all the more reason to limit and end all government interventions.

Instead of getting on your high horse and saying “look at these idiots,” be glad there are good things in the world that people celebrate. Help them to understand the horrific atrocities like wars genocide, and police militarization that not only libertarians, but many people, are concerned about. It’s likely no one is going to want to listen to you about anything if you sound like a judgmental prick.