It is prudent to be equal opportunity in regard to chastisement and hypocrisy. I say this because we are living in an exhilarating time of technological revolution. In this time, ideas, innovation, and intellectual independence are leading to a fresh Renaissance Age and permanent revolution of the minds. However, during the Renaissance period only a minority of the  well off indulged in the profound changes and awaking in thought. With the use of todays’ technology we now have the ability to transcend class, age, and race with our concepts and philosophy. As such, the advent of the internet brought an end to the era of rational ignorance. Yet there still exists a nescient population in America.

Ignorance may seem as if it would be the antithesis of a constant stream of information,ideas, and facts. Ergo, complete transparency on the use of the word “ignorance,” is needed in order to not vex us by this vernacular. The meaning of “ignorance” in this context does not refer to a lack of generally understood factual knowledge, such as 1 + 1 = 2. Instead it implies a state of not so blissful manipulation, wherein emotionally fueled blindness to objectivity reigns supreme.

As we keep that in mind, consider this: people create language and people are fallible. An unfathomably large majority of us are biased and generally motivated by a hidden agenda. The sad reality is that we may not realize it about others or ourselves. Consequently, the very tool that we primarily rely on to communicate is the proverbial nail in our coffin.  Veiled vernacular and absence of self realization contribute to our moral, ethical, and theoretical downfall. In other words, words words everywhere and not a drop to think.

The use of fanciful words, alliterations, inclusive language, and ironic humor is all well and good. However, the issue of biased chastisement, hypocrisy, and heavily loaded language is not one to take lightly. Pun intended.

We simply need to examine everything, every word, utterance, and image. Our ultimate goal is perpetuated by unadulterated desire to evolve from who we are to a more enlightened and honest version of our self. So why should that offend anyone?

In summation, we find that the words we use are profound in effect, be it statist, neocon, liberal nut job, shill, or idiot. Unfortunately we are limited by the use and understanding of our language. For this reason, before we hastily think our words are the God’s honest truth, take a time out and disconnect from the matrix. For Morpheus warns, “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Until we reach the promised land of all of society boisterously declaring a state of intellectual independence, take the red pill, tumble down the rabbit hole, and humbly help others on their journey. It is imperative to think about broader phenomena possible outside of our self. Because after all, there is no point in thinking if we already know.

*WARNING: This may contain the shameful use of big words, inclusive language, and humor in order to create bias against opposing ideas.