There has never been a greater opportunity for authentic revolution in the history of politics. The kind of revolution that will forever change the landscape of politics, governance, and society is a revolution of the mind. This revolution will be generated by the brave, persistent, and inspired minds of the libertarian community. It will be enacted by their tireless efforts connecting with people, building coalitions, and creating a community with people all over the world through social media.

 Today there are over a billion users of social media. There are 1.2 billion Facebook users as of January 1st, 2014, and 74% of all online adults use social media. This is an opportunity to reach almost every single one of these people. The future of libertarianism is brighter than ever thanks to the liberty minded trailblazers of the past. Today libertarianism is in the spotlight like never before.

 Liberty is the uniting principle for our movement. The Liberty Movement, as some call it, has room for everyone because every American in this country is a victim of the same system. Some of them don’t realize that yet, but they will because social media is buzzing with new libertarians and new ideas everyday. There’s even a brand new social media platform,,  specifically created to build a community for libertarians and liberty loves of every kind. There they each have their own platform to share their ideas, read others ideas, chat with liberty minded leaders, read books, take classes, and watch videos. will empower thousands of libertarian social media activists with the best ideas and resources to spread the message of liberty farther than ever.

 As the message of liberty spreads and acknowledgment of libertarians increases, the obvious detractors and hit pieces written by those on the left and the right will increase as well. We should welcome these challenges as a sign that our message is being heard far and wide. The attention that libertarians receive, whether it’s positive or negative, is a sign that the movement is alive and well.

 The philosophy that guides the liberty movement is one of strong principles founded in the pursuit of justice, peace, logic, prosperity, and voluntary cooperation. Most libertarians consider themselves logical and passionate. Those qualities should create pride in libertarians. However, logic can sometimes create a problem where libertarians are perceived as harsh and unkind. The power of logic and reason is an incredible strength for libertarians. But the power of connecting on an emotional level is equally, if not more important, for successful messaging. There are times when logic isn’t enough.

 The problem of perception that libertarians have is rooted in misunderstanding of our principles and philosophy. The first step in fixing a problem is realizing that you have one. Most people would agree that there are many problems in the world today. Poverty, war, and the infringement of rights are just to name a few. These are not new problems.

The “solutions” that are being proposed by economic interventionists are not new either and they aren’t working. Simply granting the government the power to address a problem is not a solution. However, many of the issues facing society today can be fixed by addressing the problem of the way people perceive libertarians, their policy solutions, and philosophy. In clearing up misconceptions, it’s possible to show the world a brighter, freer society that values voluntary and cooperative solutions by the many, not by the few in government.

 Most libertarians are truth seekers, eager to learn, and discontent with the statist quo. They refuse to live under the rule of protectionist and collectivist thought. The liberty movement is a revolution of the mind. Many in the movement are determined to unleash the creative human energies of mankind. Those who are furthering this revolution will voluntarily work together through forces of creativity to change the world and free one another.

Today everyone has all the potential to push the limits of influence through social media. There’s a libertarian inside of everyone because the desire for liberty is natural and in every one of us. Libertarians have more passion than any other group of people in politics because it takes sheer bravery to try and create a better world without pleading for the government to do it for you.

The incredible magnitude of a libertarian’s passion, persistence, and confidence will play a larger role in the success of spreading of ideas rather than his or her love of logic. That is not to say that logic and reason are inconsequential, quite the opposite. Both reason and love are essential. If the message of libertarianism is to further resonate with people on social media it will be because libertarians embrace an energized, logical, passionate, and compassionate way to relate with people.

There is no greater moment than now to become a positive advocate for liberty on social media and in daily life. With the booming industry of social media comes more ways than ever to connect and share ideas with people all over the world. Every interaction online is an opportunity. The creation of makes having the resources you need to be a positive liberty activist and even easier task. It’s not easy to spark and further a revolution. No one said it would be easy. It’s frustrating and there are days that it’s easy to think about giving up and never looking back. But if libertarians aren’t willing to fight for liberty then who will? And if you aren’t fighting for liberty, then what are you fighting for?