After every unfortunate gun-related tragedy, gun control advocates and media pundits predictably call for tougher federal laws. This reactionary process is reliable: a horrific crime sparks circular blame and the disarmament agenda is exalted. The establishment cannot resist exploiting opportunities to promote an anti-firearm platform. If you’re a gun control opponent, if you value your right to self-defense or just love the smell of gun power and that clink of expended shells, you’ve undoubtedly defended yourself when some gun control advocate squawks, “Who actually needs an AR15!?”

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We captured our reactions below in this top 10 list.

1) Every single gun ever is called an “Assault rifle.”

2) Gun control advocates aren’t really against guns. They just want only the police and government agencies to have guns.

3) People complaining about how bad gun homicide is, when in reality it’s down 49% since 1993.

4) Listening to a gun control advocate blame arsonists for arson, bombers for bombings, and homicidal maniacs for stabbings. Then blame guns for all gun crime.

5) Media pundits say “Americans want gun control!” but according to Pew, 72% of Republicans, 55% of independents and 27% of Democrats feel protecting gun ownership trumps “controlling guns”.

6) Gun control opponents suggesting women “pee on themselves,” during a rape to deter an attacker instead of learning to arm themselves.

7) Being called an “ignorant gun-toting redneck Jesus freak” any time you don’t want to ban every gun ever after a tragedy.

8) When someone counters your long list of factual gun control rebuttals with, “Think of the children.”

9) The reaction when you tell someone that “the number of homicides at middle and high schools has steadily declined between 1993 and 2010,” and “that shootings are so rare that the average school would have to wait 13,870 years before a campus homicide would occur.”

10) Finding other liberty-minded individuals who realize you’re not an ignorant hillbilly and you really do care about people AND your right to bear arms.